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Transportation – Train Schedule/Bus Schedules & Moving Companies!

DSC03340   New Rochelle can be reached via The Metro North Transit Authority : http://web.mta.info/mnr/html/planning/schedules/ If you would like to download the app – click here:  Good for bus services, trains, etc. DSC03341

If , for some reason, there is a problem on that line,  Crestwood Train station can be easily reached on the Harlem Hudson Line, and it is always nicer to know in the event of a problem. Bus Services:  There is a great app as noted above  – or click on here  for more information.

its-time-to-move-to-a-new-office-100257601Moving Companies:  Every one asks for a good moving companies. It all depends upon whether you are traveling long distance then perhaps you would like to utilize a larger moving company (so they do not sub contract part of the move to other companies), and if local – always good to use local, qualified and well known services. All companies are different, charge different fees.. so it is always good to interview several companies to find the right fit for you.

1:  J & B Moving and Storage: (914) 576-1631 
2) Morris Moving – 914 699-0049
3) Collins Bros. 914 834-0048
4) Barr Bros – 914 762-8542
5) Gold Moving 914 949-6333
6) Quigley & Fraoli  914 835-1200
7) Flat Rate Movers  212 -988-9292
8) Al’s Movers – 1800-766-3229 Junk Removal :

And of course – whenever you are moving, you might have some ‘junk’ to dispose of.. Ron’s Trucking is local, and as Ron will inform you , he has 40 men and 9 trucks available 7 days a week!   914 423-1773.

There is a rainbow at the end of your move, relocation and future home decision…

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