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Welcome to New Rochelle!


Founded in 1688  New Rochelle is a city of over 77,000 residents, is known as the “Queen City of the Sound”, and it truly is a wonderful historic city.   With its  approximate 2.7 miles of coastline, it borders Larchmont and Pelham, and is just 30 minutes by express train to New York City.  New Rochelle consists of approximately 13.2 miles, and is well known for being a popular site for movie companies and advertising agencies with  its mid-century modern homes, beautiful Colonials, and Classic Tudor Homes.

New Rochelle offers three colleges  5 Elementary Schools, 2 Middle Schools and one High School with approximately 3300 students (the largest in Westchester), and the only high school in Westchester to boast a planetarium.

There is a thriving commercial area with restaurants galore,  beautiful art galleries, a waterfront community (while 2.7 miles also features off-shore islands  and the actual shoreline length is 9.3 miles). There is a municipal marina with storage for kayaks too , beach clubs, a rowing club, parks galore,  access to the Leatherstocking Trail, A club for runners with their famed yearly “Paine to Pain Half Marathon race” , tennis clubs, and the Sheldrake Lake is now a nature conservancy.

New Rochelle offers Tudor homes, colonial homes, Georgian Colonial homes and some splits and ranches when residents of long ago had sold of portion of their larger lots, and the smaller homes were built.  There are  stunning homes throughout New Rochelle, homes owned by Embassies, and homes in all price ranges. We  have  private tennis clubs, beach clubs, golf clubs, hiking trails and a wonderful  dog park for your pooch. New Rochelle celebrated its 325th Anniversary in 2013.

There are so many different areas in New Rochelle, each with its own unique title,  Wykagyl Park, Paine Heights, Forest Heights, Beechmont, Larchmont Woods, Lake Isle, Manor Park, Sutton Park,  Bayberry, Residence Park, Rochelle Park, Glenwood Lake, Bonniecrest, New Bonniecrest, Davenport Neck, Wilmot Woods, Premium Point, Kensington Woods,  Riviera Shores, San Souci, Echo Manor and Northfield.

While you  are contemplating your future abode, you might need transportation schedules, and further along in the process perhaps a moving company.  Here is a link  for those moving companies, the MTS Schedules and even a  junk removal company if you are moving locally!

Come and visit, you will not be disappointed!

New Rochelle is GREAT!


Paine to Paine Half Marathon October 2013

DSC02551I decided to walk my pooch in the a.m. near the race start of the “Paine to Pain” Half Marathon, and write a short blog with a few video clips before appointments.. The enthusiasm was so apparent, the excitement, the vibrant energy and oh my – how those volunteers worked! There were High School Cheer Leaders, Mayor Bramson was there, the New Ro Runners were there; though I am not quite sure that Thomas Paine would have approved of the “Royal Flush”  toilet situation.. too British sounding ! Ha! John Wright, the Executive Director of the Thomas Paine Cottage Museum was there in Colonial costume with musket in hand to help start the races.

I apologize to those involved, as I am not a New Ro Runner ,and so I do not know the volunteers’ names,  but I just learned  that Mark Medin was the announcer and he did such a wonderful  job that I have to mention him!  If you would like me to mention any other of the volunteers’ names-  please let me know! I do know Pocahantas (oops.. sorry – Nina Steinberg who was was dressed like Pocahantas) and who I heard the announcer state later  runs each year in the  “Paine to Pain” half Marathon. THAT is impressive, and I also heard (I believe) how a 67 year old man had run a marathon last week, and then in the “Paine to Pain “race  …  SO many wonderful stories.. and because of that close knit camaraderie, it inspired me to go back to  the finish line…and take some more video clips.

Matt Collins  was running third throughout the race, and the chaps who were running first and second along the route took a wrong turn.  Did Mike take advantage and win the race? No, he waited by the finish line allowing those 2 chaps to finish before him as he felt they deserved those First and Second place finishes, and so he came in third.  (Adria Botifoll,  came in first and Nicholas DiBenedetto came in Second)  It was so inspiring yesterday, and runners had the opportunity to raise some money for  the “Hole in the Wall  Gang” (Paul Newman’s charity”  ,and I think that the good will, and love just permeated the entire event.

I wish I could have filmed everyone who crossed the finish line. Alas, I could not, but please watch the videos and look for yourself, your friends, your baby, your children and I hope it brings back a happy memory of such a great occasion.  I did capture Eric Turkewitz, the Race Director of the event as he crossed the finish line..You were all winners and as the announcer stated again and again “Looking strong..finishing strong!”

Westchester is GREAT!

Paw’s Place – New Rochelle’s Dog Park


binky julyHaving recently adopted the perfect pet (Binky – photo shown) from the New Rochelle Humane Society, I decided to obtain a permit for Paw’s Place, a park for dogs, located in Ward Acres, which would allow me to take him to the park (from dawn to dusk) for the small fee of $50 a (calendar) year. The rules are pretty simple:

  • All dogs should be healthy, vaccinated, current with all shots, wearing a collar and ID at all times, and owners must be carrying the valid dog permit for the park also.
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs (have to admit some owners seemingly had forgotten when I was there today)
  • No picnicking, and dogs cannot dig holes…
  • Limit of four dogs per person
  • Children aged 13 and under must be supervised
  • Small dogs are (yes, there is one!) restricted to dogs 30 lbs or less, but owners can use larger area if desired.
  • Owners are responsible for their dogs and injuries caused by them.
  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted – owners must remove their dog at the first sign of aggression

We ventured there yesterday…not many dogs as it was mid afternoon, which was fine with me as I wanted the first visit to be a quiet one. Binky loved it! It was so tranquil, and he was so tired when we arrived home. It was the perfect place for him to socialize with other dogs, run around and have some fun.paws palce summer

He couldn’t wait to go back today – what is there not to like? A water fountain, a container on a tree with some bags in case you forgot.. and lots of shade too with benches for the owners…DOGS PALYING

Thank you, New Rochelle – Paw’s Place is great! We give it a four paws up!

Permits can be obtained at the Parks and Recreation Department at City Hall (914.654.2087914.654.2087) from 8:30-4:30 Monday to Friday.

New Rochelle residents pay $50. Non residents pay $100 (up to four dogs)

New Rochelle is GREAT!